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Midnights Accessories Set
Midnights Accessories Set
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Midnights Accessories Set

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      Elevate your Taylor Swift collection with the Midnights Accessories magnet paper doll set, featuring iconic jackets and tee shirt dresses from her captivating Midnights era!

      Immerse yourself in the dreamy and stylish world of Taylor Swift’s Midnights era with this exclusive magnet paper doll accessory set. Perfect for fans and collectors, this set captures the essence of Taylor’s fashion during this iconic period, showcasing a range of vibrant jackets and unique tee shirt dresses.

      Set Includes:

      • Karma Jackets Collection:
        • Pink Karma Jacket: A bold and vibrant jacket reflecting Taylor’s energetic style.
        • Blue Karma Jacket: A cool and calming piece that adds a touch of serenity to her wardrobe.
        • Multi-Color Karma Jacket: A dazzling and eclectic jacket that captures the whimsical essence of the Midnights era.
        • Magenta Karma Jacket: A striking and dynamic jacket that showcases Taylor’s fearless fashion sense.
      • Lavender Haze Coat: The ethereal and dreamy coat from her “Lavender Haze” performances, adding a touch of magic to your collection.
      • Anti-Hero Tee Shirt Dresses Collection:
        • Blue Tee Shirt Dress: A stylish and versatile piece reflecting Taylor’s casual chic.
        • Orchid Tee Shirt Dress: A unique and vibrant dress that stands out with its rich color.
        • Pink Tee Shirt Dress: A soft and playful piece that adds a touch of sweetness.
        • Silver Tee Shirt Dress: A shimmering and elegant dress perfect for making a statement.
        • Lavender Tee Shirt Dress: A dreamy and whimsical piece that embodies the ethereal feel of the era.
        • Elusive Exclusive Tee Shirt Dress: A rare and special piece that adds an element of exclusivity to your collection.


      • Detailed Craftsmanship: Each piece is designed with careful attention to detail, replicating the textures, colors, and unique elements of Taylor’s Midnights era outfits.
      • Magnetic Attachments: Easy-to-use magnetic accessories make dressing and redressing the doll a delightful and seamless experience.


      • Accessory Set Only: This set is an accessory add-on and does not include the doll or case. It is designed to complement your existing Taylor Swift magnet paper doll collection.

      Celebrate the enchanting fashion of Taylor Swift’s Midnights era with the Midnights Accessories magnet paper doll set. Perfect as a gift for Swifties of all ages or as a cherished addition to your own collection, this set brings the stylish and dreamy elements of Taylor’s iconic looks to life!

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